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Solo Exhibition

July 7-31, 2018


Saturday, July 21, 5:00-7:00pm

Meet the Artist at Reception

Artist Talk at 6:30pm



Orit Halpern: Was born in 1958 in Israel, and currently lives and creates in Tel Aviv. She holds a degree in education and worked as an elementary school teacher. Among other things, Halpern taught and directed theater at school. Additionally she studied design and image design at "Shenkar College" and worked in designing clothes and jewelry. Halpern also studied art with numerous Israeli master artists. She is a member of the Israel Artists Association and participated in various exhibitions in Israel, incuding solo and group exhibitions. Additional notable exhibitions that Halpern participated in are the Krakow-Poland exhibition at the " Gologorski" gallery and in New York at the "ArtExpo 2018" to name a few. She currently is being exhibited by Dacia Gallery in New York City.

“Art is part of me, and a very important part of my being. My paintings reflect experiences, a collection of memories and associations from my inner, private world. In each painting there is a synthesis between reality and imagination that meet, creating visual messages and thought-provoking content.” Orit Halpern


"Creation cleans the soul from day to day dust" (Pablo Picasso) Creating is passion and cleaning of the soul from me. The images and associations in my work are taken from my personal world. I bring together reality and imagination through which I wish to convey a visual and content message. Most of my work shows the image of a woman. In each one it tells a story and transmits a message. The woman symbolizes for me tenderness , Softness, beauty and aesthetics and at the same time strength, determination, and ability to contain. This is my journey to femininity, and my observation of life in general. I use collage technique alongside acrylic painting. Through the scraps of paper I create color stains and sometimes add words and texts that are designed to invite the viewer to relate to their content. Paper shreds and magazines in different languages ​​deliberately to emphasize that wherever people live there are feelings of thoughts and dreams. In some of the works I also combine pieces of fabrics, beads and jewels. The combination of the different materials with the painting creates for me the connection between everyday reality, and the encounter between matter and spirit.