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Tides by Margaret Vega, Oil on Canvas, 3'x5'
Solo Exhibition 
March 3 - 17, 2019 
Opening Reception
Thursday, March 7, 6:00 - 8:00pm
Meet the Artist at Opening Reception
Artist Talk at 7:00pm 

Dacia Gallery proudly presents “Landscape as Muse" a recent works Solo Exhibition by Margaret Vega. Vega’s elucidation on the natural world both as inspiration and as point of departure concentrates on the fragile balance and rhythm of organic order. In her work we see a representation of places visited, often juxtaposed with haunting images of cemetery angels, black board writing and references to myth. Vega’s vision, built on memory of experiences in the landscape, delivers oil paintings that are contemplative, questioning our human need to codify our interaction with nature. Her paintings, presented in oil and watercolor are indicative of the sublime beauty of landscape while examining complexities that seek to validate the human journey.


Margaret Vega: is a Professor of Undergraduate and Graduate Painting at Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her selected juried Exhibitions include: Who.Am.I?, International Competition, Atlantic, Gallery, NYC;  East-West, Shanghai, China; Prints and Processes Permanent Collection, Grand Rapids Art Museum; A Decade of Acquisitions, Grand Rapids Art Museum: Stanze, Collezione Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea, San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy; Angelus Novus, Perugia, Italy; Bridging Continents, 14 American Artists in Germany: Munich, Cologne, Frankfort; ArtExpo 2015 Milan, IT; Pulso, Arte de las Americas, Fed Galleries, GR, MI; Solo Show: Voices of the Children, UICA, GR, MI; Vega has been selected to show for 8 years with ArtPrize, GR, MI. Vega’s past gallery representation includes long standing relationships with Harleen Allen, San Francisco, CA and Lydon Contemporary, Chicago, IL. Currently, Vega is represented by Dacia Gallery in New York, and Via Gallery in Grand Rapids, MI. Her museum permanent collections include: Grand Rapids Art Museum; Masaccio Museum Contemporary Art, San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy; Fredrik Meijer Sculptural Gardens, Grand Rapids, MI. Vega’s work is part of corporate and private collections in US, Mexico and Italy. She was awarded a two- month artist residency with Studio Art College International, in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy, to develop the concept of her Icarus Series. She participated in a week long residency with Dacia Gallery, in New York City in October. In 2019, Vega was a Visiting Artist and Scholar at the American Academy in Rome for her proposal, "Color Me Flesh". She presented her work in an exhibition: Visual Commentary on the Influential and Systematic Branding of Other", in Open Studio 255 at the Academy. Vega is additionally the founding Director of the non- profit, SiteStudio. www.mvegastudio.com


I realize I see the same things that everyone else sees. It is the call to rearrange, repurpose, and rethink that information which inspires me as an artist. I work with series in an effort to consider a persistent question. The intent of this work is query with landscape as image, often juxtaposed with artifact. My recent series, Icarus Myth: Dreams Deferred, Dialog of a Dream, examines risk, both real and imagined, within the context of myth. An overlapping series, Perpetual Order, composed on the Fibonacci sequence, questions the human disruption of the natural order. In our attempt to reassemble, we change the course of our rivers, alter the spawning patterns of our fish; divide the land into stone framed sections to harvest salt, and construct linear patterns to plant corn or harvest grapes. My interest lies within this conflict, but also in the poetry of observation. Ultimately, I am an observer, and this work examines rather than decides. I am primarily engaged in depicting the landscape as a place to re-connect with the cadence of nature; an emotional dialogue between the representational idea of landscape and its overlapping relationship with time, myth, order, and permanence. The stone angels, most recently drawn from the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Genoa and the island of Capri in Italy, provide imagery for what I perceive as our need to leave something behind, an artifact, something grand and timeless, to mark our evanescent journey. Our impending impermanence encourages us to leave marks, noting our existence. For me, the angels and other relics both reference and represent our attempt to explain, validate and record our journey; an organized acknowledgment that we were here.                                                                                                                                                         


The Artist in the Studio
Icarian Sea by Margaret Vega
Artwork by Margaret Vega Artwork by Margaret Vega Artwork by Margaret Vega Artwork by Margaret Vega Artwork by Margaret Vega Artwork by Margaret Vega Artwork by Margaret Vega Artwork by Margaret Vega