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Lets be Friends by Sherri Wolfgang, Oil on Canvas, 40x60  
Solo Exhibition   
March 18 - 31, 2019   
Opening Reception  
Thursday, March 21, 6:00 - 9:00pm  
Meet the Artist at Opening Reception  
Artist Talk at 7:00pm   

AMERICAN PATHOS: Millennials have been raised to strive for the best possible life, because that is what has been given to them - access to opportunity, and the emotional support they’d need to achieve it. Hovering family and friends laud their successes, listen to their complaints, and clear the paths of the obstacles and challenges that made their own experiences so trying. And yet, despite this foolproof, cushy narrative that was created for them, millennials are struggling, leaving us wondering what happened? With the unrelenting exposure to news headlines, social media, and the increasing societal pressures to “achieve” what their parents did, amidst a completely different economy and culture, paralyzing anxiety and fear of the unknown future have taken root in their young minds. At the same time, they acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of their experiences, of race, sexual identity, economic status, of religion. Those who have been lucky enough to be employed in a post-2008 economy watch out for their friends stuck in internships, in endless assistant-ships, behind the counter of their local coffee shop. While their situation is remarkably different from that of generations before them, they still struggle to obtain the future that was envisioned for them.  AMERICAN PATHOS attempts to capture the dark cloud of millennial doubt that constantly rears its head, even during periods of stability and satisfaction. The heady joy of a senior prom, a large step towards independence, is counterbalanced by the age-old question of now what? as evidenced in the painting The Prom(ise). The Young Americans plants millennials in bucolic Americana; they sit together, the front porch on a summer day, barefoot and carefree, yet there is an unexplainable sadness in their faces. They do not quite know what the next step is, inviting uncertainty, melancholy, and desolation to descend as they try to figure it out. The series portraitizes millennials at that moment in time.


SHERRI WOLFGANG: is known for her figurative works, which draw on sources ranging from Renaissance painting traditions in combination with Old Master painting techniques.  Born in New York City, she received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, followed by graduate studies at  New York University. Wolfgang has received critical acclaim for her series statement paintings, Crazy Making, on mental illness, Twisted, on women and cosmetic surgery, and her most recent work, Nick.e.lo.de.on, her figurative work. Historically, she frequently portrayed her nude figures as examinations of the various female archetypes found in visual culture, with a caricatured sexuality and studied emotions. She applies different subject matter and genres that she has passionately pursued: Anatomy and Figure, Expressionism, Portraiture, Self Portrait, the Nude and the interplay of light, color and texture by the Dutch Masters,  broadly represented across her many images of fine art. All of her recent work has been done with a wide variety of medium, including charcoal, conte’, graphite, oil, resins on canvas, paper, wood.  Her more recent works include portraits of a male dancer with 16th Century Mannerist aesthetics. She has begun work on the next series combining Renaissance sensibilities with contemporary cultural figures; American Pathos. As a young artist, Wolfgang founded an enormously successful illustration studio in New York City in 1983, The Dynamic Duo Studio, Inc. Through the years The Dynamic Duo Studio won numerous industry awards for its covers for the New York Times magazine, Worth, Barrons, Time, Forbes, Business Week, Der Spiegel plus other recognition for work that appeared in national and international newspapers. In addition, illustrations from The Dynamic Duo have been the centerpiece for some of the most famous advertising campaigns in the U.S. (Coca-Cola, IBM, Burger King, Reebok, NBC, Nike, MTV, and Nickleodeon). Although Wolfgang’s early commercial career revolved around illustration, she has always maintained her fine art roots in traditional painting. Wolfgang has also exhibited at The Dacia Gallery, NYC, The Housatonic Museum of Art, The William Ris Gallery, Hamptons, NY., The Silvermine Gallery and The City Lights Gallery, Connecticut and nationally throughout her career. Wolfgang's studio is in Westport, Connecticut. Wolfgang’s work is currently represented by The Dacia Gallery, NYC.

Indigo Child by Sherri Wolfgang, Oil on Canvas, 48x72 The Young Americans by Sherri Wolfgang, Oil on Canvas, 72x96 The Prom(ise) by Sherri Wolfgang, Oil on Canvas, 60x80 The Fortunate Son by Sherri Wolfgang, Oil on Canvas, 48x60 Sunday Girls by Sherri Wolfgang, Oil on Canvas, 36x48 Lets be Friends by Sherri Wolfgang, Oil on Canvas, 48x60