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Sunset Park by Karin Waskiewicz, Acrylic on Panel, 40x48
Solo Exhibition
November 1 - 12, 2016
Opening Reception
Thursday, November 3, 6:00-9:00pm
Meet the Artist @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Karin Waskiewicz: was born in Erie Pennsylvania and received her BFA in painting from Kent State University. She was published in New American Painting MFA Issue 94 and had a solo show in the projects room at Margaret Thatcher Projects. She graduated with a MA and MFA in painting from the University of Iowa with Honors receiving the Iowa Arts Fellowship. Her work is in the University of Iowa Honors collection. Recently she was a resident at the NARS Foundation international residency in Brooklyn, NY. Karin currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 
My paintings begin with an application of thick-layered paint; creating sedimentation of color that is later unearthed using various carving tools. The paintings arrive through process and my daily routine. I am interested in how we see the world and our memory of it. After creating a color guide for the layers, alternative layers are added throughout the process (along with paint chips from other paintings). The end result is multiple paintings, which are in conversation because of their shared information and history. The carving of vertical lines has become the pivotal gesture in my most recent work, creating a retinal read of colors. The paintings change slightly with the viewers gaze. In this way they have the same characteristics as a landscape, it changes, as we inhabit it. I like to think of my paintings as having different facades, some existing for longer than others, some never to be scene again through the process of carving. In this way, I see my paintings as pentimenti. (The revealing of a painting that has been covered over by a later painting). This new body of work mimics textile, the pragmatic repetitive gesture reveals this connection; as the layers of color transform into three-dimensional woven paintings. Much like how threads build form, the images within the paintings come from the ground layers and live in real space.
Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz Artwork by Karin Waskiewicz