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Group Exhibition
May 14, 2016
Opening Reception
Saturday, May 14, 5:00-8:00pm
Featured Artists

Jamila Alhaib USA, Abd Al Rahman Mouhamad Lebanon, Mohamad Alsabty Iraq, Rowan Jabari Palestine, Mustafa Abdulkareem Yousif Iraq, Thikra Ibadi Iraq, Buthaina Abu Milhem Palestine, Sohila A.A.Shaheen Palestine, Majed Mokdad Palestine, Jehad Taha Palestine, Amal El Chami United Arab Imarets, Nawal Albalooshi United Arab Emirates, Jihan Mohamad Ali Syria, Malika Sadaigui Moroco, Ahmad Al Asidan Saudi Arabia, Ahlam Almashhadi Saidi Arabia, Ahmad  Shwail Algamdi Saudi Arabia, Areej Alrabeeah Saudi Arabia, Arafat al Asmi, Arif Algamdi Saudi Arabia, Fahad Basudan Saudi Arabia, Abdelhalim Kebieche Algeria, Houssein Alasmari Saudi Arabia, Rajaa Alshafiey Saudi Arabia, Majed Alrasem Saudi Arabia, Mashail Alboushi Saudi Arabia, Maha Alzhrani Saudi Arabia, Mahdih Al Taleb Saudi Arabia, Moneerah Al Habsi Saudi Arabia, Moneerah Al Chareabi Saudi Arabia, Nadin Al Nefai Saudi Arabia, Hawazen Alotaibi Saudi Arabia, Jamila Atieh Al Tabiti Saudi Arabia, Mohamad Alkholy Egypt, Wasfy Abd Almawla Syria, Nadia Alnefai Saudi Arabia, Hazem Akil Syria Syria, Oussayma Dimashkieh Lebanon, Mouhamd Raed Lebanon, Zeinab Dia Lebanon, Nesrin Alashkar Berberi Lebanon, Ferial Sayegh Lebanon, Maya Fares Lebanon, Naji Al Hai Kuait, Hamed Salem Gomaa Azab Egypt, Mariam Saeidi Lebanon, Nada Wahab Lebanon, Safaa Bazi Saghir Lebanon, Shroog Alsaudan Lebanon, Siham Mayat Moroco, Hiam Hassaniya Lebanon and Nabil Wehbe Lebanon.

The Other Face" features many pieces by artists from Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. The exhibition curator, artist Jamila Alhaib who lives in Portage Lakes, OH imagined the show as a way for people of all cultures to better understand each other through the work of artists. She credits international sculptor Abd Alrahman Almohammed with helping her make the show possible. "I decided to name this show 'The Other Face” because I wanted to show a different side of art that isn't dominant in the United States. Most of the art that will be in this exhibition was originated and created by people from the Middle East and Africa. In the future, I would like to bridge the gap in art between the United States and the rest of the world. I would like to host exhibitions in many different countries and create the opportunity for artists to be able to travel and visit these countries, have their art in galleries around the world and become international artists. A number of the artists have traveled to the United States to be present for the opening of the show. The show will include paintings and sculptures.” Alhaib is a graduate of The University of Akron. As painter, she focuses on abstractions using acrylics oil watercolor and mixed mediums. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the GAR Foundation Gallery Akron, OH.  Alrahman has also participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions around the world.