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Flowers and Feathers by Janet Logan, Oil on Lace
January 23 - 30, 2016
Opening Reception
Saturday, January 30, 5:00-8:00pm
Meet the Artists @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Featured Artists

Margarita Felis, Alexandra Giannopoulos, Katherine Hooper, Amy Karki, Janet Logan, Iliya Mirochnik, Sophia Tarassov, Meredith Thomas, Anne Tochka, Lee Vasu, Rosanda Watson and Rachelle Williams.

Dacia gallery is pleased to present Novus Carpaticus (The New Carpathians), a group exhibition of recent paintings by artists that attended Dacia Gallery’s Artist Residency Program in the summer of 2015. The work encompasses a collection of diverse inspirations derived from the trip to Romania and the Artist Residency experience the artists had.  Also on show will be a collection of Romanian Icons Painted on Glass from the 1700’s – 1800’s. These icons were powerful images that inspired the artists when we visited museums, churches and traditional Romanian houses. Dacia Gallery is delighted to present this collection of paintings created by our resident artists as well as the Transylvanian Icons. This is a rare exhibition not to be missed in New York City.
Examples of the Romanian Icons on Glass from the 1800's that will be in the exhibiton.

Margarita Felis: Graduated from the Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St-Petersburg, Russia in 2013. “I work in fauvism style, the most interesting things for me are colors, shapes, lines and color relationships, my favorite genres are Nude and Composition.”  Margarita has had numerous group exhibitions in Russia and abroad as well as solo exhibitions in Russia and USA.

Alexandra Giannopoulos: Is a Visual Arts Teacher, living and working in her hometown of Chicago.  Alexandra earned her MA, BFA and BA from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.  This knowledge and work experience gives her the superior education needed to incorporate a variety of aesthetic concepts and cultural appreciations into her work. She has been teaching students from Pre-K through college for the past ten years. She is an artist, specializing in painting and drawing. Currently, exploring the connection between technology and the traditional arts both inside and outside of the classroom.  In her personal time, Alexandra is focusing on the continuing exploration of figure and plein air landscape painting as well as the exploration of digital arts, children's book writing and illustration. Alexandra believes that everyone has a unique story to share and for her, this can best be accomplished through art.  She believes that art can bring out hidden aspects of an individual's voice. She believes that art can be empowering.  She believes that art can be a tool for social change.  Alexandra has shown in various galleries in and around the Chicago area.  For more information regarding Alexandra’s work please contact her at www.alexandratheartist.org

Kat Hooper: Is a San Francisco born painter currently based in Brooklyn. She received her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California. Living in a hyper-visual world with an audio-visual form of synesthesia, most of Hooper's paintings have patterns and colors from the sounds that she sees, mixing abstract ideas with more representational paintings. She also makes stop motion videos where each frame is hand painted and then photographed. Her work deals with ideas of repetition and visual sound. Kat currently co-runs the gallery space, Art Haus in Brooklyn and works as an art teacher for United Cerebral Palsy. She can be contacted through her website www.kathooper.com

Amy Karki: Is a native of Portland, Oregon, a city that nurtured her lifelong passion for nature and the arts. Having received a degree in professional photography, she worked as a freelance photographer/photo editor/restaurant cook while earning a second degree in Art History.  With little in the way of traditional fine art training, a impromptu decision led her to apply for an artist residency in Romania in the summer of 2014, after which she vowed that no matter where she went in the world, or what ever else she became, she would also be a painter.  Inspired foremost by the magic of light and color, and the mixture of the modern with the historic, she is rarely seen now without trademark splatters of paint on her clothing and skin. While she still works and exhibits occasional photography projects, she is primarily focused now furthering her training by painting extensively and exacting feedback from anyone willing to offer it, as well as continually researching art historic tradition.  Dacia Gallery will be the first exhibitor of her painting.

Janet Logan: Graduated Cum Laude In Art Education Fresno State College, California and received a Masters of Studio Art degree from New York University, New York. I was an Art Specialist for the Irvine Unified School District, California and taught Art Education at California State University Fullerton and was an Art Education consultant for many school Districts in Southern California and the National Art Educators Association and the California Art Education Association. My art has been exhibited in Venice, Italy, New York City, Los Angeles, California and Irvine, California. Many paintings and Monoprints are in corporate offices and hotels in San Francisco, California, Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico plus private collections in Los Angeles, California, Rancho Santa Fe, California, Venice Italy, Tokyo, Japan and Paris, France. I have recently visited Bucharest, Romania and painted a private mural and attended the Dacia Artist's Residency in Sibiu, Romania. During my visits to Romania I have explored the Painted Icon Churches, the bucolic villages and the art museums in Bucharest. I am fascinated with the beautiful embellished Folk Art, costumes, rugs and fabric. The handwork inspired me to paint on Lace adhered to canvas to emulate the Romanian embroidery. Please enjoy my two Romanian inspired paintings, "Flowers and Feathers on Lace" and "Cristian, Grossau, Romania".

Iliya Mirochnik: Originally from Odessa, Ukraine, Iliya immigrated to the United States in the early 1990’s with his family. From a young age Iliya pursued training in the arts in the Russian academic tradition. He studied in LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Art and in the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts in New York under the tutelage of professors trained in the art academies of the former Soviet Union. Iliya studied in St. Petersburg, Russia in the prestigious I.E. Repin State Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture from which he received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting. In his paintings he aims to connect the Russian aesthetic with American sensibilities, creating images that go beyond their origins. He has been recipient of a number of prestigious scholarships and awards both in the United States and in Russia, winning the “First Place” award in the American Portrait Society’s International Portrait Competition. Iliya was recently selected to develop his design for a public monument for Iconbay Residences in Miami, Florida in collaboration with The Related Group architecture firm. Iliya lives in New York where he paints and teaches.

Sophia Tarassov: After receiving her BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and living in New Jersey, Sophia participated in various Arts Councils, Workshop Associations and Leagues, and exhibited at local galleries and Museums. Her large scale canvases were well received, and described as “imposing” and “moody” at the first Trenton Avant Garde Festival. She moved to San Francisco and spent six years painting, exploring techniques, and showing her work. Returning to the East Coast, she settled in the Northern Dutchess County area of New York for ten years. While participating in local Artist Associations, showing, and selling her work in local independent spaces, her piece “Egg” was featured on the cover of the Chronogram, a regional arts publication, which included an article about the work in her dual show “Oil + Steel”. A recent move back to Northern California has been the motivation to continue in the creation of a body of work that seeks to embrace the ideas of comfort and contemplation, and follow her credo “isolate and simplify”.

Meredith Thomas: Is a 24 year old artist from Corvallis, Oregon, currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior to the Romania residency program, she had no formal training. Her lifelong interest in art has been expressed through an experimental approach with drawing, painting, mixed media sculpture, and taxidermy. Originally working predominately with acrylics, she’s recently switched to painting with oils. As an apprentice at Remnant Preservations Taxidermy shop, she takes an artistic approach giving new life to dead animals. She has had taxidermy pieces exhibited in SLC's Leonardo Museum, and her 135lb life-size mannequin sculpture made of crushed Doritos and plaster was featured in City Weekly newspaper, SLC.

Anne Tochka: Is a painter and soft sculpture artist living and working on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In 2007 she received a BFA from Pratt Institute in Communications Design.  Prior to that, Tochka studied painting for ten years at Excalibur Fine Arts Studio in New England.  Though her work is multi-faceted, she draws on her illustration background to tell stories to the viewer through both her paintings and 3D work.  This story telling aims to evoke anything from an emotional response to a physical sense of place.

Lee Vasu: Is an Artist, Curator and the Founder of Dacia Gallery. Born in Sibiu, Romania in 1979, Vasu spent his adventurous childhood in Transylvania drawing and painting. Inspired by the stunning mosaics, frescos, and the mystical sacred Icons of the Byzantine Churches of his native land, Vasu formed a unique artistic vision of the timelessness and power of art that could enlighten and inspire generations. In 1990, Vasu moved to the United States with his family and continued to study art. He received a BA in History and Art from Kent Sate University and a Masters Degree in Arts Administration and Museum Science from the University of Akron, to further pursue his curatorial passion. Following his studies, Lee represented Romania and the United States at the European House of Arts and held his first solo exhibition at the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Bucharest. Additionally, Vasu participated in group and solo exhibitions in France, Germany, Romania and the United States, his work can be found in numerous public and private collections. His passion for art enabled him to curate exhibitions nationally and internationally, which inspired him to establish Dacia Gallery in New York City.

Rose Watson: Lives by the beach in Australia and draws her inspiration from the natural environment, seeking to reflect the feeling of a place or scene.  After visiting and living in Sibiu, Romania in 2015 with the Dacia Gallery, Rose has created two works.  “A place in time” - Ink and charcoal, depicting a cool and quiet place with an aloof remoteness.  “Quiet Reflection” – oil, depicting a scene where one can sit and contemplate life.  The basket contains dog rose flowers which is the National flower for Romania that blooms during the summer.

Rachelle Williams:Grew up in Martin, Ohio were she was Homeschooled by her parents and is now residing in Toledo, Ohio. She is currently working on her BFA at The University of Toledo. She had never worked with oil until the residency in Romania; however, she has become quite fond of the medium and has recently switched her focus to 2-D drawing and painting.


Artwork by Janet Logan Artwork by Alexandra Giannopoulos Artwork by Rachelle Williams Artwork by Katherine Hooper Artwork by Amy Karki Artwork by  Sophia Tarassov Artwork by Meredith Thomas Artwork by Margarita Felis Artwork by Rosanda Watson Artwork by Anne Tochka Artwork by Iliya Mirochnik Artwork by Lee Vasu Artwork by Ioan Pop Romanian Icons on Glass