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Heremanstadt by Iliya Mirochnick, Oil on Linen, 31x41
February 15-26, 2015
Opening Reception
Saturday, February 21, 5:00-8:00pm
Meet the Artists @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Featured Artists

Dominique Bass-Terpstra, Cathy Boyd, Zoe Ciupitu, Lisa Chambers, Archer Dougherty, Seth Earnest, Hilary J. England, Mirona Faloba, Alexandra Giannopoulos, Elody Gyekis, Carrie Hudson, Amy Karki, Chris Klein, Iliya Mirochnick, Katie Moran, Alexandra Moss, Sara Nguyen, Michael O'Sullivan, Helen Parkin, Arwen Reynolds, Mihaela Savu, Nataliya Scheib, Tia-Maria Soroskie, and Lee Vasu


Dominique Bass-Terpstra: At an early age she started her study in plein air painting when she spent a summer painting under artist Virginia Childs. Her practice of plein air painting escalated during her studies abroad in Dingle Ireland, where she fell in love with manipulating the landscape.  After she returned to the states in 2011, she achieved her B.F.A in painting from Plattsburgh State University of New York. She has since traveled the country and lived in Yellowstone national park documenting her experiences with her landscapes. Her studies of landscapes consisted of unnatural juxtaposition of the natural landscape with household environments. She enjoys creating tension for her viewer leaving them questioning the space depicted. After the residency in Sibiu, Romania, she continued her studies on her own in Europe. She is currently working on a new series from her Florida studio where she promotes her work through commissions as well as local and national shows.

Cathy Boyd: Is a professional Canadian artist, living in Ontario. Primarily a landscape painter, she delves at times into exploring figurative painting and abstraction. Her style is recognizable regardless whether she is painting realistically or impressionistically. Cathy's work has been shown throughout Ontario, Canada and also has been part of a group show in NYC, showcasing Canadian artists. Her paintings have been chosen for many juried competitions, most recently, The Franklin Carmichael Landscape Competition. Cathy's art has been collected world-wide. She also took part in last years art residency in Romania, hosted by Dacia Gallery.

Zoe Alexandra Ciupitu: Is a San Francisco based painter born in 1991. She studied figurative painting in Florence and went on to earn her BA in Fine Arts at Parsons the New School for Design in 2013, working now to further develop and reconcile her visual and conceptual vocabularies through external observation and internal rationalization. Ciupitu’s paintings have been displayed in galleries worldwide including a group show at Palazzo Jules Maidoff in Florence, Italy, Postcrypt Gallery at Columbia University, New York, Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, Galeria Horatiu Malaele in Bucharest, Romania and the Institut für Alles Mögliche in Berlin, Germany. Her painting, “Mom’s To Do List”, has been published recently in the Activism/Feminist Magazine, Coven Berlin in Germany, where she currently resides and works.

Archer Dougherty: Began to learn to paint in 2010. Since then, she has been in numerous juried, gallery, and invitational exhibitions, and her work is held in many private collections. She has exhibited all over the world, and her work continues to grow. The philosophies, techniques, and spirituality of painting inform her work from all moments in time and she considers herself always a student of history – from which her current imagery arises. That which is lost, found, precious, sacred, and nurtured finds its way into her paintings in myriad forms - incorporating the figure, nature, and symbolic pattern in such a way as to communicate to the viewer the transient nature of our place in time and history.

Seth Earnest: A native of Kentucky, Seth has been schooled in the arts from an early age, and graduated through a rigorous arts and teaching program at Asbury University, located within the state.  Currently teaching visual art in the public arena, he is a published illustrator and exhibiting oil painter, locally, nationally and abroad.  Working out of his studio, and weekly producing new work, his focus and purpose revolve around a subject’s abstraction via the mental faculties.  Fascinated by this transference of experience and emotion through mark making, he works quickly but economically, trying to close the gap between a moment’s fleeting nature and his own interpretation of it.

Hilary J. England: Was born in Brooklyn, NY, and has studied extensively at the Art Students League of New York, as well as with Myron Barnstone, of the Barnstone Studios, Coplay, Pennsylvania.  She has exhibited at various galleries in New York, Europe, Japan, and her artwork is internationally collected. She currently resides and works in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. As a social realist painter, Hilary’s past series and body of work explores the nuances of contemporary youth and the spectrum of issues surrounding their growth and transformation into adulthood.  The series, “Rural American Youth,” has garnered several awards, including the “People’s Choice Award” at the Parallax Art Fair, New York. Hilary’s current series is entitled “Transitions and the Fringe,” and will explore the different transitions we experience as a collective, both personally and outwardly, as we struggle to retain our humanity and relevance in an increasingly impersonal world.  The series will include paintings, mixed media/3 dimensional artwork, and digital photography. Hilary is also an avid en plein air painter, and maintains a blog, “Field’s End Art” of smaller paintings done on location of her travels, both locally and abroad.  She also designs and hand forges jewelry, from the artist co-op she established, Field’s End Artworks. Field’s End Artworks, promotes artist equality, and environmental sympathy by utilizing recycled and environmentally friendly objects to create high quality artisan crafts and artworks for everyday living.

Mirona Faloba: Is an architect and a painter, as one of her great passions besides architecture, was born in Sibiu, Romania. She graduated  the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from Cluj-Napoca in 2013 and since then she is working in an architecture office, in Bucharest. Even though architecture is considered to be the mother of all arts, she decided she should enlarge her vision on visual arts by studing painting and stage design in her spare time and maybe more important, searching to improve her skills in painting and scenography as well. Still paintig was the first concern she had since childhood. So she started painting in a friendly setting in a children club from her hometown and in the coming years she graduated a three years School of Art within the Highschool of Popular Art and Crafts from Sibiu. In August 2014 she participated to the Dacia Gallery Residency, in Romania and now she will exhibit two paintings at Dacia Gallery, New York. The paintings are called “Tradition” and they are showing a girl who is wearing traditional Romanian clothes while in the background a landscape is built-up from several elements which are selected from traditional Romanian ornaments used in pottery, carpets and architecture. The dimensions of the works are 20x24 inches, made of oil on canvas.

Alexandra Giannopoulos: Is an artist and Visual Arts Teacher, living and working in her hometown of Chicago.  Alexandra studied studio arts, art history and art education, earning her B.F.A., B.A.F.A. and M.A. at the University of New Mexico.  She has been teaching art students from K through college for the past ten years.  She is a visual artist, specializing in painting and drawing.  After taking a break from her own personal art creation, Alexandra rekindled her passion for painting during an artist's residency sponsored by Dacia Gallery in Romania.  While in Romania, Alexandra studied under the instruction of Iliya Mirochnik, discovering and developing a passion for landscape and classical painting.  Currently, Alexandra is exploring the connection between technology and the traditional arts both inside and outside of the classroom.  In her personal time, she is focused on the continuing exploration of figure and landscape painting as well as the exploration of digital arts, children's book writing and illustration.

Elody Gyekis: Earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Ceramics from Penn State with honors in Visual Arts and Civic and Community Engagement and minors in Sociology and Civic and Community Engagement. Her artwork includes painting, drawing, sculpture, and sculpture. Her work focuses on figure and landscape, often in combination while exploring mythological and fantastical narratives from across the globe within a context of a contemporary investigating of globalization, beauty, gender and diversity. She is currently a resident artist at the Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center. In addition to fine art work, she has been a Community Arts Organizer and Muralist for nine murals across Pennsylvania, located in State College, Harrisburg, Williamsport, and Huntingdon. She has also worked on various other community projects, including a small mural in an orphanage in the Dominican Republic and her most recent project in Toms River, New Jersey. Her Fine Art has been exhibited across the country in cities such as Tucson, AZ, Syracuse, NY, Brooklyn, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Solomons, MD, and in the Capital Building in Harrisburg, PA. Her work has been in shows or is in private collections abroad in Romania, Germany, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, China, and Canada. Elody also teaches drawing and painting classes and workshops and is a consultant for public art projects. This past summer she completed an Artist Residency in Sibiu Romania, which will result in a group exhibit at Dacia Gallery in NYC in 2015. Elody splits her time between living in Pennsylvania, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and traveling extensively in other parts of the world.

Carrie Anne Hudson: Is a visual artist from San Diego, California. She describes herself foremost as an illustrator and painter with a passion for fantasy, urban, and horror genres. Interested in art from an early age, Carrie spent most of her childhood doodling and sketching on anything she could come across. A natural fascination with all things strange, Carrie draws her inspiration from her dreams, her nightmares, and the city. Touching on themes of death, isolation, and love, she brings an overwhelming sense of passion to her pieces. Carrie’s paintings and illustrations have been shown in galleries throughout southern California in a variety of group shows. As her experience and journey in the art world continues to grow, she continues to experiment with different surfaces and mediums in her work - though she will always be a sucker for ink pens and acrylics. Through her artwork, Carrie hopes to intrigue as well as inspire and open the darker doors of the imagination.

Amy Karki: Is a native of Portland, Oregon, a city that nurtured her lifelong passion for nature and the arts. Having received a degree in professional photography, she worked as a freelance photographer/photo editor/restaurant cook while earning a second degree in Art History.  With little in the way of traditional fine art training, a impromptu decision led her to apply for an artist residency in Romania in the summer of 2014, after which she vowed that no matter where she went in the world, or what ever else she became, she would also be a painter.  Inspired foremost by the magic of light and color, and the mixture of the modern with the historic, she is rarely seen now without trademark splatters of paint on her clothing and skin. While she still works and exhibits occasional photography projects, she is primarily focused now furthering her training by painting extensively and exacting feedback from anyone willing to offer it, as well as continually researching art historic tradition.  Dacia Gallery will be the first exhibitor of her painting.

Chris Klein: Is a British artist, currently sharing his time between Quebec and Ontario in Canada. Exhibiting in the UK, Europe and North America. His work has been seen in group and solo shows since the 70’s and in 1983 his work was accepted by the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK for their prestigious Summer Exhibition. Before coming to Canada he was also an associate member of the Guild of Motoring Artists.As well as producing his own work, he is also a scenic artist for film and theatre. He is presently serving as the head of scenic art at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival of Canada in Ontario. It is here that he started painting the costumes from their extensive warehouse, and from the shows performed on their 4 stages. This has developed into an unlimited supply of source material, and is the reason he has chosen to paint the folk costumes of Romania to fit the theme for this group show at the Dacia Gallery. Chris has painted countless theatre sets, creating backdrops and related artwork and has contributed to major productions in London's West End and Broadway. In Canada, he has painted for many major Hollywood films and many shows for the Cirque du Soleil.

Iliya Mirochnik: Originally from Odessa, Ukraine, Iliya immigrated to the United States in the early 1990’s with his family. From a young age Iliya pursued training in the arts in the Russian academic tradition. He studied in LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Art and in the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts in New York under the tutelage of professors trained in the art academies of the former Soviet Union. Iliya studied in St. Petersburg, Russia in the prestigious I.E. Repin State Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture from which he received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting. In his paintings he aims to connect the Russian aesthetic with American sensibilities, creating images that go beyond their origins. He has been recipient of a number of prestigious scholarships and awards both in the United States and in Russia, winning the “First Place” award in the American Portrait Society’s International Portrait Competition. Iliya was recently selected to develop his design for a public monument for Iconbay Residences in Miami, Florida in collaboration with The Related Group architecture firm. Iliya lives in New York where he paints and teaches.

Katie Moran: I am from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2006 with both a Bachelors of Art in Studio Arts and Environmental Studies. My work is organic and bold in both color and design.  I paint subjects of interesting landscapes, the abstract and fantasy inspired work. The mediums I work with are oil and acrylic on canvas, as well as some experimentation with found wood and furniture. I am inspired by nature, the universe and my dreams.  I feel that my time in Romania has greatly shaped the direction of my artwork and myself.

Alex Moss: (b. 1992) is a London based art critic and artist whose work deals with psychoanalysis, the flux of time, the sublime, and the revival of Old Master techniques. Heavily influenced by Albrecht Durer, she is a self-taught artist with an academic background in Art History, having graduated from the Courtauld Institute of Art in 2014 with a dual specialisation in European Art from the 15th-19th century and Modernist theory. The half-Romanian and half-British painter and draftsman is an emerging figure in the London art scene, spear-heading the Baroque Futurist movement which met critical acclaim with its inaugural exhibition ‘Cambion’ in 2013, positing that the context surrounding artworks reigns over the ability of the viewer to perceive and construct meaning. The ‘Tales from my Mother’ series (number 1 and 5 on display at Dacia Gallery) investigates the effect of paranoia on human perception, specifically in regards to Ceausecu’s Communist regime, representing the warping of constricted reality by running Still Life sketches of a pheasant through a Cubist lens of multiple depictions of visual layers on a singular two-dimensional surface in order to create horrific chimeras placed within an internal landscape. Her collaborative works with video artist Samuel Fouracre have been displayed by Christopher Crescent Gallery, Brussels, in early 2014, and by Castlefield Gallery, Manchester, Dec. 2014, and has also worked with hat designer Philip Treacy as a creative director on his S/S 2014 campaign.

Sara Nguyen: Combines work with her two passions of travel and art. Her latest painting series is of underwater seascapes. Her scuba diving adventures to places like Cozumel, Honduras, the Greek Isles, and the Bahamas provide plenty of inspiration to draw from. Since graduating from the University of Georgia she has developed a style, which balances surrealism and cubism to illustrate a euphoric experience with the mysterious creatures and endless underwater landscapes. This summer her passions took her on an artistic journey to Transylvania, where she became engrossed in the culture and the history of the land. She was especially interested in the way the land was preserved in its original essence and traditions. It was nice to see signs of hope amidst some of the dark rulers in Romania’s history. With Iliya Mirochnik’s guidance, she was able to reflect on the more traditional styles of painting such as plein air, still lives and figure painting. Through the years, her work has been shown at Mercer University and in local galleries, and street fairs in the metro Atlanta area. She was also a resident artist for McCann Aerospace where her series framed the artist’s role during World War II through painted collages of propaganda posters and their affect on the citizens during that time.

Helen Parkin: Studied History of Design in her native England and later gained a Post Graduate Certificate of Education to teach Art and Design to students aged 12 to 18.  It took many years however, before she began to pursue her own love of painting, studying with many different artists across the UK and now she dedicates herself full time to this passion. Time is always reserved for Helen's other passion, working as a Volunteer Creative Therapist in her local hospice. Assisting patients with life limiting illnesses to create something beautiful, is a wonderful privilege and leaves a priceless legacy for their families. Helen is driven by the desire to paint subjects, which touch her emotionally, whether landscape or portraits. Her overwhelming sense of appreciation and awe of natural beauty, edifies, inspires and provokes a need for her to creatively respond. In so doing, she internalizes the wonderment of the experience and allows the subject to become part of her, before allowing the paintbrush to capture that moment forever. Texture allows her work to reach out and touch the viewer and the strong colors celebrate the vibrancy of nature's palette. This will be Helen's debut professional exhibition, hopefully the first of many and she looks forward to sharing her journey with you all.

Arwen Reynolds: Australian-born, Canadian-based artist first picked up a paintbrush at the age of 12 and has not looked back since. Her paintings are derived from life experiences - capturing a moment in time, both visually and emotionally.A Creative Arts graduate from the University of Wollongong, Arwen is also an experienced graphic designer and project manager. The structure and process driven aspects of design and management are evident in her art making, resulting in less impressionistic and spontaneous pieces and more a bringing together of various objects that best define and reflect the moment that is being expressed/reflected.

Mihaela Savu: Earned her MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), Rinehart School of Sculpture. She exhibited in solo and group shows in Baltimore, Washington, Rotterdam, London. Savu taught  at MICA "Smart Textiles", a course combining robotics and art. She was awarded the The C. Sylvia and Eddie C. Brown Studio at the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower in Baltimore.

Nataliya Scheib: Was born and raised in Ukraine, where she was classically educated in fine art at an early age. She has later received a BA in Architecture and Master’s degree in City Planning, and currently lives and works in her art studio in Houston, Texas. Nataliya’s education and life experiences influence her works, from depicting people, landscapes, or city views. Nataliya’s work has been included in a number of art exhibitions. Some of the places she exhibited was Romania, and in the US are: Lawndale Art Center, Houston, TX; North Gallery Department of Art and Design of San Jacinta College in Houston, TX; Fine Art Museum in Gadsden, Alabama; Nicolet Gallery, Nicolet College, Wisconsin, among others galleries. She has received several awards for her oil paintings, and her work was included in Artist Portfolio Magazine. Nataliyawas also selected among 79 artists of the United States for 2014 collection of Art Buzz publication, The 2014 Collection Volume 7.

Tia-Maria Soroskie: Is a Canadian drawing and installation artist who creates work based on the female body and how the female body occupies space; explores, deconstructs and reconstructs the female gender; and examines gender implications regarding expectations, as well as issues of domesticity and femininity. Tia-Maria received a Master’s of Fine Arts diploma in 2005 at Washington State University wherein she received the Outstanding Woman in Graduate Studies Award (Honorable Mention). She has developed programs of study for learners of all ages, and has held positions as Drawing Area Coordinator, and Instructor of Record of Drawing and Classical Figure Drawing courses in the Department of Fine Arts at Washington State University. She has a professional and progressive exhibition record that includes a solo exhibition in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada at the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, a group show at theWoman Made Gallery in Chicago Illinois, and more recently, group shows in Sibiu, Romania and in New York City, New York through Dacia Gallery. Tia-Maria has been awarded a research-based residency abroad and will be an Artist-In-Residence in October 2014 at DRAWinterational in Caylus, France.

Lee Vasu: Is an Artist, Curator and the Founder of Dacia Gallery. Born in Sibiu, Romania in 1979, Vasu spent his adventurous childhood in Transylvania drawing and painting. Inspired by the stunning mosaics, frescos, and the mystical sacred Icons of the Byzantine Churches of his native land, Vasu formed a unique artistic vision of the timelessness and power of art that could enlighten and inspire generations. In 1990, Vasu moved to the United States with his family and continued to study art. He received a BA in History and Art from Kent Sate University and a Masters Degree in Arts Administration and Museum Science from the University of Akron, to further pursue his curatorial passion. Following his studies, Lee represented Romania and the United States at the European House of Arts and held his first solo exhibition at the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Bucharest. Additionally, Vasu participated in group and solo exhibitions in France, Germany, Romania and the United States, his work can be found in numerous public and private collections. His passion for art enabled him to curate exhibitions nationally and internationally, which inspired him to establish Dacia Gallery in New York City.

Artwork by Hilary J. England Artwork by Dominique Bass-Terpstra Artwork by Cathy Boyd Artwork by Zoe Ciupitu Artwork by Archer Dougherty Artwork by Seth Earnest Artwork by Alexandra Giannopoulos Artwork by Elody Gyekis Artwork by Carrie Hudson Artwork by Chris Klein Artwork by Katie Moran Artwork by Sara Nguyen Artwork by Arwen Reynolds Artwork by Nataliya Scheib Artwork by Lee Vasu Artwork by Alexandra Moss Artwork by Amy Karki Artwork by Tia-Maria Soroskie Artwork by Helen Parkin Artwork by Mirona Faloba Artwork by Iliya Mirochnick Artwork by Michael O'Sullivan Artwork by Lisa Chambers Artwork by Mihaela Savu