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Drop by Thomas Legaspi, Oil on Panel, 12x16
Group Exhibition
October 22 to November 7, 2014
Opening Reception
Thursday, October 23, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Meet the Artists @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Featured Artists
David DeSimone, Jennifer Gennari, Alonsa Guevara, Tom Hoffman, Nikolina Kovalenko, Thomas Legaspi,
Travis Little, Susan McLaughlin, Krista Smith, Judith Unger and Rob Zeller

David DeSimone: Is a graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He has been living and working as an artist in the New York City area for several years. He has had two solo shows, and had participated in several group shows. Over the years, Mr. DeSimone has covered broad range of styles from abstract to representational, exploring various ways to connect visually with viewers on his perceptions of the world. His works convey an ongoing tension between observation and emotion – or how the objective relates to the subjective, and vice-versa.

Jennifer Gennari: Is a classically trained figurative artist and Illustrator. She began her professional studies at the Ringling College of Art and Design where she majored in Illustration and upon graduation in 2005 she began a career Illustrating for Hallmark cards. In 2007 Jennifer left her job to pursue further artistic studies in classical fine art and was accepted into the Florence Academy of Art in 2008 where she spent three years abroad studying classical realism under Daniel Graves. Jennifer returned to New York in 2011 and works both at the National Academy Museum and School and at the Jeff Koons studio.

Alonsa Guevara: Originally from Rancagua, Chile. She spent 7 years of her childhood living in the Ecuadorian jungle with her family, growing up surrounded by magnificent landscapes and magical environments, and developing a love for light, nature and colors. Her paintings are in between two worlds: Fantastical and believable, always full of details and brightness that illustrate an obsession with details, realism and mimesis. Alonsa received her BFA from the Pontific Catholic University of Chile in 2009 where she was awarded the MINEDUC scholarship and the scholarship of honor. In 2011 she moved to the United States and in 2012 enrolled in the MFA program at the New York Academy of Art. During those two years of study she was awarded with the Terra Foundation Residency in Giverny, France, as well as the Elizabeth Greenshields Grant and the Michele and Timothy Barakett Scholarship. She graduated in 2014 and was awarded the 2015 Academy Fellowship. Alonsa has participated in more than 30 individual and group exhibitions including "Second Hand" (2008) at the Chacras de Coria Museum, Mendoza, Argentina; "Where There's Smoke" (2010) at the Museum Casa Colorada, Santiago, Chile and “Take Home a Nude” (2013) at Sotheby’s, New York.

Tom Hoffman: Completed studies at both the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and the New York Academy of Fine Art in Manhattan, specializing in figurative painting. Having studied in Italy, the artist’s work reflects a sense of mythological drama combined with the brilliance of color closely associated with the Mediterranean school. Studies in New York focused on the more subtle Baroque style and Dutch-Flemish painting techniques. This darker pallet resulted in a deeper sense of contemplation and hues associated with the Northern European schools. Together, these techniques have provided a versatility and wide range of expressive oil paintings.

Nikolina Kovalenko: received her MFA from Moscow Surikov Art Institute and studied in Berlin at UDK.  She holds a Gold Medal from the Russian Art Academy. Nikolina currently lives and works in New York. Kovalenko states, “My work captures the confrontation between realism and idealism making the modern consumer choke on their choices. Let others deal with your internal chaos. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." In a recent review by Fine Art Connoisseur said her paintings are: "Presented as actors in a drama with cosmic significance, the figures that people Kovalenko's paintings engage in various kinds of display, presenting a calculated face to the world around them. By their makeup, dress, and roles, the masqueraders create a persona that is echoed by the world around them. Kovalenko's "Masquerade" encourages viewers to consider how much of their own identity is performed, and whether the face we present to the world is what we would really want to show." Recent exhibitions include a solo shows at Gitana Rosa Gallery, Dacia Gallery, group shows at Erarta Gallery NY, Museum of Russian Art, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art and Select Art Fair Miami 2013.

Thomas Legaspi: is a representational painter, his work centers on portraiture, figure painting and landscapes. This New York City artist has studied academic classical training from The New York Academy of Art in 2001. The artist has exhibited in various shows and galleries in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Kentucky, and the State Museum of Kazakhstan. Currently, he also teaches art as an adjunct assistant professor at St. John's University, New York.

Travis Little: is a primarily self-taught Contemporary Realist painter. A graduate of The School of Advertising Art in Kettering, Ohio, he worked as a graphic designer and freelance marketing consultant until 2001, when he refocused his time primarily to fine art, illustration and photography. He started "Hommage Studios" to manage and market his fine-art, illustration, photography and interactive media work. The primary mission of Hommage Studios is also to support other artists by hosting networking events and workshops, and sharing facilities and other resources among creative hobbyists and professionals alike.  He is proud to support several local youth art education programs and facilities, including the Indiana School for the Blind. Most all his paintings are made from a combination of pigments (watercolor, gouache, dye, acrylics, pencils, pastels, etc), materials and applications that are sometimes handmade and unconventional. Some pieces use only a select few mediums, while others use anything available. Travis starts with an idea and a pencil sketch. Working in very controlled thin layers, the artist builds up the work and controls the tooth of the surface by additives and surface prep, using the interference and nature of dislike media to create finer detail than would be possible or practical by more conventional methods. The process is laborious, and a piece can easily take between 18 to 30+ hours of work. He currently resides in Indianapolis, Indiana and Oro Valley, Arizona, and works from a studio in Downtown Indianapolis in the historic Stutz Business Center.

Susan McLaughlin: is a painter who combines elements of both reality and fantasy in ways that seek to shed a new light on the interrelationships between human beings and the natural world around us. Sometimes the division is clear; on other occasions the two worlds melt into one. She holds a BFA degree from Parsons and an MA in Studio Art from New York University. She has worked as an illustrator and cartoonist but now devotes herself solely to painting. Her work has been shown as part of the International Exhibit of Women’s Self-Portraiture at the Martha Gault Gallery at Slippery Rock University and in numerous solo and group shows throughout Connecticut and Florida. She paints at her studios in New York City, Newtown, CT and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Krista Smith: Born and raised in a small suburb of southern Ontario Canada, Krista lived and painted between Toronto and Europe in the beginning years of her artistic development. She graduated in 2011 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD-U), and in 2012 moved to France where she painted and exhibited for one year. She received her MFA in painting in early 2014 from the New York Academy of Art and has since been represented by Castle Fitzjohns, a gallery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Krista’s paintings focus mainly on large-scale figurative works that distort and landscape female bodies. She lives and works out of her Bushwick home/studio in Brooklyn.

Judith Unger: Studied at Rhode Island School of Design and fell in love with sculpture. “Clay felt so right. The fluid, sensuality in my hands. Translating fluid sensuality into polished kiln fired pieces. Sensuality that urges the viewer to touch. Each piece speaks its own voice, guiding me to completion.” Judith graduated with a BFA in Sculpture from Rhode Island School of Design and studied under Gil Franklin, John Bosarth, and Tom Morin. She also received her BFA in Sculpture and a MAT from RISD studying under Gilbert Franklin, John Bosarth, Tom Morin. Her work has been shown in galleries including the Renwich Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute, Helen Day Arts Center, Southern Vermont Arts Center, UNH, Plymouth State College, Kansas State, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Catamount Arts Center, St Johnsbury,Vt, League of NH Craftsmen, Millers Thumb Gallery, Greensboro, Vt, S.P.A.C.E Gallery, Burlington, VT, Dacia Gallery in Times Square Art Center, Galatea Fine Arts, juried by Edmund Barry Gaither (curator at MFA), Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition juried by Marshall Price (curator at National Academy Museum) & Paulina Pobocha (MoMA) among others. Judith also received a commission from President Clinton to create an ornament for the White House Christmas tree. She lives and works in Northernmost Vermont.

Rob Zeller: is an artist who lives and works in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He splits his time between making art and teaching about how to make art. Having received extensive training in the figure, his art work is primarily rooted in exploring narratives related to the human form, and is a blend of poetic realism and a more modern sensibilities. Although originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Zeller has resided in New York City for 16 years. He received a BFA from the Boston Museum School and Tufts University, and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. He capped off his studies by studying with Jacob Collins at the Water Street Atelier. He is the recipient of two Posey Fellowships and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. In January 2009, he founded the Teaching Studios of Art, with locations in Brooklyn and Oyster Bay, Long Island. It is an art school that follows the same philosophy he has in in own work: traditional techniques with flexibility to be creative and engage contemporary culture. He has served as its director and primary figure instructor since its founding 5 years ago.


Artwork by Alonsa Guevara Artwork by Judith Unger Artwork by Rob Zeller Artwork by Jennifer Gennari Artwork by Krista Smith Artwork by Tom Hoffman Artwork by Susan McLaughlin Artwork by David DeSimone Artwork by Travis Little Artwork by Nikolina Kovalenko