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Business & Pleasure XII, Oil, Mixed Media, 38x38
Solo Exhibition
April 24 - May 8, 2014
Opening Reception
Thursday, April 24, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Meet Christina @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Dacia Gallery is pleased to present Christina Massey’s Salva Veritate solo exhibition. Christina’s works depict the unharmed truth about the economic recession, bank bailouts and the emotional strains placed upon innocent families in the wake of its aftermath.  Her works are physical fragments of the new and old, success and failure.  They are also bits and pieces of her own past and present, likes and dislikes. Through donated business attire from banks and corporate employees, Christina re-purposed this fabric and hand stitched it together with sections of her own failed works on canvas. The results are organic, quilt-like surfaces made from painted canvas where the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious influence of the khakis, collared shirts and nylons lay within the composition as reminders of the ever present influence of money on the creation and promotion of art.
Using methods of constructing and deconstructing, I am constantly re-using and re-purposing my own artwork. One series literally leads to another, where previous series of works are cut, torn and sewn or woven back together again into new series of works, which may again be reconstructed into yet another art form.  The past is always present in both current and future works, and they tell a story of my progression as an artist.
I often use word play, theatrics and general political topics as a way to communicate opinions that ultimately define an observation about the art world itself.  Painting as a medium, having taken the largest “beating” so to speak from the critical art world has been my primary focus of material, be it acrylic, oil or watercolor on either paper or canvas.  I “kill” my traditionally framed paintings by cutting and tearing them apart, then mend them together by thread, a series of knots or weaving them together again giving them new life as a different form.
How I choose what works to re-work, and what works to remain is a difficult process.  Often it is work that has sat around for too long, perhaps “failed” in some way, by not showing or selling or simply no longer satisfying my creative desires.  There are “favorites” so to speak that will stick around for years and not be touched, however, on occasion, even these “favorites” sometimes get the axe if it’s what I feel the new work requires.  It’s a therapeutic process of letting go in order to move forward.  Ultimately, any work that I have created in the past is subject to be re-worked again in the future in some way shape or form as my own tastes and opinions change, my body of work continues to evolve with me.
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