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Bushwick, Boris Tyomkin, Oil on Canvas, 28x36
Group Exhibition
April 3 - 20, 2014
Opening Reception
Thursday, April 3, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Meet the Artists @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm
Featured Artists
Robin Kappy, Jarmo Karjalainen, Yongjae Kim, Eduardo Nunez, Mike Selbach, Kelly Thompson,
Boris Tyomkin, Thomas Valenti, Scott Westhoven and Marlene Wiedenbaum
Robin Kappy’s work has been exhibited in a number of venues including the New York Law School Gallery, Sloan Art Gallery, Rogue Space and the Sixty One Main Gallery in Andes, NY. One of her drawings was included and sold in the 2012 annual curated “Take Home a Nude” benefit auction for The New York Academy of Art at Sotheby’s. Another of her drawings received an honorable mention and was shown in the Spring 2013 issue of American Artist Drawing Magazine. During the 1980's Robin was commissioned as an artist/illustrator for clients such as McGraw Hill, Banker's Trust, Dow Jones, Equitable Life Assurance Company and TWA.
Jarmo Karjalainen is an artist from northern Finland and his career spans over two continents and three decades. He was the youngest artist to be accepted to Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland, and there he studied archival painting methods and practiced drawing in classical academic training. He later moved west and earned his Fifth Year Certificate in Fine Arts from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston, and received a BFA from Tufts University. Mr. Karjalainen has received several awards and grants for his paintings, including the George Sugarman Foundation award. He also has exhibited in international and national venues including the Salmagundi Club Gallery and the National Arts Club Gallery in New York City.
Yongjae Kim is an artist from Seoul, South Korea. He earned his B.F.A. at Seoul National University and his M.F.A. at Pratt Institute. He has exhibited at Emrupt, Leigh Wen Fine Art, Joshua Tree Highland Artist Residency Show, and at Steuben Gallery in Brooklyn. His works are prominently displayed in collections in both the United States and South Korea, and his work was recently included in the November Issue of Invisible City Magazine in Sydney, Australia.
Eduardo Nunez is a landscape watercolor painter from New York City. His works of watercolor express the changing nature of the city's landscape as well as the melancholy of the alienated; its chaos and conformity as well as the vibrancy and ever evolving nature of the great metropolis. The triumph of capitalism and its innate failure, to its full embrace -- It's harmony and dysfunctionality so inseparable, so apart. Both depicted in Eduardo's watercolor landscapes and oil portraits. Eduardo earned his BFA from Pratt Institute, studied at Cooper Union, and regularly participates on special programs at the The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). His work has also been featured at The Krane Gallery and The Westbeth Gallery in New York City.
Mike Selbach is an artist/engineer who studied at the University of California Santa Cruz and City College, City University of New York. Selbach has worked proficiently in steel, bronze, wood, paper and clay exploring issues related to process and addressing the classic quandary, 'Is the hand of the craft a prima facie issue or a device'. Selbach lives and works in New York. His current work is primarily low to medium relief in wood and clay and considers the woodcut print a form of very low relief.
Kelly Thompson is a self-taught American artist who draws inspiration from the central northern plains of North Dakota where he resides.  There the rural views of landscapes are as flat as table-tops, the soil is as rich and black as carbon, and vistas stretch into infinity.  His landscapes reflect these linear perspectives, vast ocean-like plains broken only by islands of oak and cottonwood groves that provide refuge to the farmsteads that nest within.  In describing his artwork, Thompson states, “Our landscape, with its balance of land and sky divided sharply by the rigid horizon, is something that I always come back to in my work.  This passing imagery imprints itself in my subconscious as I travel the regions’ highways, emerging later in trailing brush strokes and deep overlapping color.  My artistic point-of-view in these landscapes is simple:  I create uncluttered, pastoral images to inspire emotion and wonder, to lure the viewer to go with me beyond the frame of my painting, because for me, the implied imagery of what is not present is as, or more impactful as that which is shown." Thompson’s affinity for linear strength and organic elements often extends into the third dimension: his ‘canvas’ frequently is a wood plank where the natural grain and irregular surface become artistic tools.  The paint is heavily layered with knives and brushes, then deconstructed with utensils and abrasives to expose hidden hues and infuse the work with depth, texture and character. Kelly studied visual art and communications at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.  His work is included in collections across the country and in Europe.
Boris Tyomkin is an artist from Moscow, Russia and was inspired and influenced by his late grandfather, Ilya Tyomkin’s career as a painter. In 1980, Boris immigrated to Los Angeles and against his families wishes, he decided to pursue a career in art. After studying art privately in Los Angeles, Boris moved to Santa Cruz, California and became an integral part of the Bay Area art community. There he participated in many shows at galleries and museums, in Carmel, Santa Cruz and San Francisco. In 2009, Boris moved to New York City and received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Boris has a strong affinity and love for the old masters and especially the artists of the second half of the 19th century, including the Impressionists. Among these are many Russian artists of that time period who were painting impressionistically. Currently he lives and works in Brooklyn and exhibits in New York City, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.
Thomas Valenti is a Co-Founder and Executive Advisor of Acopal, and is also the President of Allied Artists of America, which originated in 1914 and is among the most prestigious art societies in the United States. In 2007 he was inducted into The Salmagundi Club (orig. 1871) as an Honorary Member. Thomas Valenti is an Elected Member of Audubon Artists, Inc. and the New Jersey Watercolor Society (since 1980). Mr. Valenti has exhibited with The American Watercolor Society and in 2004 was included in their annual Traveling Exhibition. Mr. Valenti is a past President of the Essex Watercolor Club (1980). His work has been featured in several major publications such as The American Artist Magazine (2007 70th Anniversary Issue), The Artist’s Magazine (October 1985) which featured an article written by the artist himself, Best of Watercolor (2010) Kennedy Publications, 100 Artists of North America, written by Ashley Rooney, Schiller Publishing. Thomas Valenti wrote the introduction for Warren Chang: Narrative Paintings (2011) Flesk Publishing and also for The Head Ecorche by Alex Loza (2012). Mr. Valenti’s works are in public collections such as Lipton Tea Company, Hoffmann-LaRoche Pharmaceuticals and Rutgers University to name a few. His paintings are owned privately by collectors throughout the world and the United States of America. Mr. Valenti has exhibited in venues such as The Butler Institute of American Art, The World Art Museum, Beijing, China, The Montclair Museum, Morris Museum, Monmouth Museum, The National Arts Club, The Salmagundi Club, Nabisco Headquarters and many more.
Scott Westhoven’s work ranges from representational to abstract, but always revolves around the methods inherent to printmaking. His work is as much about the process, as the visual end result. The sculptural process of creating plates made from wood, metal, plastic, stone, or cardboard is restrictive; forcing a more creative solution, adding a level of complexity and depth to the end result.  Scott Westhoven studied printmaking at Kent State University before being awarded an international artist residency at the Graphic Workshop in Dresden, Germany. Scott’s prints have been collected by the Cleveland Museum of Art, the city of Dresden, Germany, the Ohio Arts Council, and a variety of printmaking studios in Germany, New York and Ohio.
Marlene Wiedenbaum - PSA, is a graduate of Queens College, SUNY New Paltz, attended the Arts Students League in NYC with Harvey Dinnerstein, and studied privately with St. Julien Fishburne. Her award winning landscape, figurative and still life paintings have been exhibited internationally, including the 2010 and 2012 International Pastel Artists Invitational in Taipei, Taiwan. As a result, her work will be among  six International pastelists featured in a text book commissioned by the Taiwanese government. Also in 2012, Marlene was selected out of 1500 artists as one of 10 Semi-Finalists for the prestigious Basil H. Alkazzi Excellence in Painting Awards. In 2010, Marlene was awarded a residency at Platte Clove through the The Catskill Center for Conservation and Development. Wiedenbaum was a featured artist in the December ‘09 issue of American Artist. Her painting, “Downriver from Potown,” was also selected by American Artist Magazine for their 2011 calendar.  She accepts commissions and teaches pastel classes & plein-air workshops through the Barrett Art Center in Poughkeepsie and in collaboration with Scenic Hudson, NY.  A Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, Marlene is also an Active Member of such prestigious arts organizations as the Woodstock Artists Association & Museum, NAPPAP, NYPAP, the Degas Pastel Society, and LongReachArts.  Her work is in private collections throughout the country and is represented in the tri-state area.
Boris Tyomkin Eduardo Nunez Yongjae Kim Thomas Valenti Scott Westhoven Mike Selbach Jarmo Karjalainen Marlene Wiedenbaum Robin Kappy Kelly Thompson