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Untitled (Delft Drawing #6), Graphite on Paper, 17x26
Peter Owen
Solo Exhibition
October 24 - November 15, 2013
Opening Reception
Thursday, October 24, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Meet Peter @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm

Dacia Gallery proudly presents Urbanesque, drawings and paintings by Peter Owen, that are based on his daily experience in urban spaces – the walk to work, the skyline or alley seen from his apartment, the errands run throughout the week. Owen keeps a camera on him all the time, and throughout the day, documents where he is. Each photograph is quite ordinary, but holds significance for the part it plays in the mapping of his life. Details that might be overlooked, such as the curve of a lamppost or the molding on a windowsill, are captured so that later on they can be incorporated into minutely detailed compositions. In a way, drawing is like retracing his steps. However, rather than trying to piece together a coherent, objective narrative, the work becomes a visual gridlock of architectural history and place. Buildings are overlaid atop one another and allowed to tangle together. Over time the layers obliterate parts of what is underneath, and the composition are woven out of hundreds of these daily recordings. Certain sections are overload, then counterbalance by areas with finely articulated, delicate structures - fire escapes, streetlights and exposed pipes running through alleys. It is an experience and a visual description of a life lived in places that are constantly being transformed by construction and demolition.

Owen at Work in the Studio

The paintings I’m working on currently are mash-ups of the areas I’ve lived and traveled through New York, Los Angeles and presently Providence and greater New England.  Even though the lines lie exposed and naked on the paper, the compositions and layered imagery build to a mystery that is at the same time accessible and hidden. The paint drops in like anchors at various points of the compositions, the line work reads as mixed up folk tales of spaces lived in. From a distance, they look almost like sidewalk stains, but up close a multiplicity of lines refer to various places, tangled together. You can never get the whole, true story of a specific part of town; each place holds the varied experiences and memories of thousands of people. These paintings and drawings offer small observations of different spaces, clues about the variety of uses, truths, and histories of place.

Untitled, Mixed Media on Panel, 20x20
Untitled, Mixed Media on Panel, 20x20
Untitled, Mixed Media on Panel, 40x40
Untitled (Delft Drawing#5), Graphite on Paper, 17x26
Untitled (Delft Drawing #2), Graphite on Paper, 38x52
Untitled (Delft Drawing #7), Graphite on Paper, 17x26