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Circle of Life XII, Creation, Acrylic on Linen, 36x36
Solo Exhibition
May 13 - June 1, 2012
Opening Reception
Thursday, May 17, 6:00 - 10:00pm
Meet the Artist @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro @ 7:30pm

Dacia Gallery is pleased to present “Circle of Life”, an exhibition of new work by Barbara L. Bachner, an abstract painter who transforms basic shapes and colors into powerful compositions, which convey enlightenment reached through an aesthetic experience. Lines, organic shapes and silhouettes of figures are part of the scene, equally weighted on the surface with other abstract elements. Paintings are fields where the action is controlled and balanced between rationality and emotion. Signs mingle, generating new and unusual forms of spatial assets. The pictures are floating worlds captured singularly by this artist’s eye and sensitive heart. The circle of life is a process of eternal return and Bachner’s works are evidence of this dynamism translated with total freedom of expression. Action in a painting establishes a vital relationship between the self, the world and matter. Its unrelenting spirit becomes aware of its strengths and expands the idea of infinity. As the voice speaks, ideas start taking shape in new ways. The framework is a battlefield where vicissitudes are interiorized, memories emerge and consciousness and unconsciousness pour forth. Bachner’s works communicate an existential pure energy. The fragments explode on the canvas as a symbol of original chaos and from here take new life.                                          

Essay by Stefania Carrozzini, guest curator at Dacia Gallery for "Circle of Life".

BARBARA L. BACHNER: As a student of art history with an early interest in 16th and 17th century painting in Italy, Barbara Bachner moved forward to a life commitment to studying and creating art. After receiving a BA Magna Cum Laude in Fine Art (Art History) from New York University, she began in the atelier mode as a painter of traditional realism, receiving a diploma from the National Academy School of Art and awards and a scholarship to the Art Students League, New York City. At this point, she developed as an abstract painter, which has been her manner of working in many media:  painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and video. In 2000 She received an MFA from Johnson State College /Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont. Ms. Bachner began her exhibition history in 1978, early in her career. In the process she has received many awards for excellence, including solo show awards and a grant from the United States Embassy awarded through the Max Planck Foundation in Berlin, where she was part of an exhibition, “New York Meets Berlin”. Her work is in private and public collections, such as The Library of Congress, the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers in New Jersey and the Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. She has continued to exhibit in the United States and Europe in galleries, museums, universities, alternate spaces and foundations. A few worthy of mention are solo shows at AIR Gallery in New York and Studio D’Ars in Milan Italy; of group shows, Chinese Ideas in American Art, China Gallery, NYC, and the New York State Biennial, Albany, New York. Her involvement in the art community includes curating, teaching and serving on panels and boards of non-profit entities, such as the National Association of Women Artists and the Woodstock Artists Association in Woodstock, New York, where she has a home.Since 1995 her studio has been in West Chelsea, New York City, where she has witnessed the mushrooming of the current art scene. A native of the State of Maine, her outlook and inspiration emerge from diverse roots, beneficial to an artist whose commitment is to freedom of expression and the psychological power of images.


I was a student of art history before I joined the ranks of visual artists. With this feast of art from the past, the first decision I had before me was - what to make. I have always had a special interest in artists who use color as a defining quality in their oeuvre, such as Pierre Matisse and Mark Rothko, to name just two from the recent past, so color has always been a major choice for me. The work in “Circle of Life” explores my consistent search for beauty and psychological depth in art. Beginning with this ideal, I work and see what actually appears, surprise myself, accept limitations of material and skill, and move on.  I think about genius: does it have its moments? Pierre Bonnard went to see his work in museums, taking his paint box, so that he could fix things that were not “perfect”. I imagine what can improve the image and do that, working on the most difficult problems first. Mistakes may bring new solutions, progress and change. So there is action and reaction, imperfection and humility before endless possibilities, anxiety, joy, fun and taking it too seriously. Over the years, I have used different approaches to art making, no one better than the other. When I was drawing and painting the figure meticulously, it was just as engrossing and satisfying to me as is my current work. This past February I had a dream about discovering material billions of years old from the center of our earth and bringing it to the surface. In the dream I take some of this material and apply it to a small, square canvas. It is black, shot through with the colors of the spectrum, and is complete in itself, without my adding anything. The artist’s dream. It’s a gift.

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