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Enfolded by Christophe Piallat, Digital Print, 30x20
Group Exhibition
March 21 - April 7, 2012
Opening Reception
Thursday, March 22, 6:00 - 10:00pm
Meet the Artists @ Opening Reception
Artist Talk and Intro at 7:30pm
Featured Artists

Jada Fabrizio, Kristin Holcomb, Leslie Lyons, Jessica Maria Manley,

Hitomi Mochizuki, Christophe Piallat and Benjamin Sperry

Artist Bios

Jada Fabrizio: is an American Photographer who works in, New York City and lives New Jersey. She studied creative writing at SUNY New Paltz and Photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her images are parts of a larger story or a page from someone’s diary. It is the spectator who gives the images real meaning by adding their own experience to the story. In 2010 Jada began a “once a week” promise to create an image every Friday for one year. This exercise was in part homage to the surrealist idea of automatic writing, and also a way to completely immerse in a creative project. She rarely missed a deadline. Recent group exhibitions include the month long exhibit, 2011 Governors Art Fair in New York, TheBounty Show in Montclair, New Jersey, The Love and Heartbreak Show in Piermont New York and the and the Trade Show, which traveled throughout California to Istanbul, Turkey. Jada is presently the staff photographer for the Columbia University Department of Surgery/External Affairs office.

Kristin Holcomb: In her creative work, Holcomb has addressed nuclear proliferation, social decay, war and terrorism.  The Transformations series looks at the possibility of beauty rising from destruction.  The images are of walls whose surfaces, after years of being changed by weather, paint, rust and algae, are becoming, with the passing of time, organic paintings.  The Transformations photographs are about rebirth.  Kristin Holcomb’s recent exhibitions include Textures: Clare Asch, Kristin Holcomb and Trish O’Day at The Mill Gallery in Pawtucket, RI; Leaf Drawings at fotofoto gallery in Huntington, New York and Transformations, Works by Kristin Holcomb at St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, New York.  Holcomb teaches at the International Center of Photography and Nassau Community College and advises at New York University.  Holcomb’s editorial work has appeared in such publications as the International Herald Tribune, Institutional Investor Magazine, The New York Daily News and The Chicago Sun Times.

Leslie Lyons: My relationship with music is the cornerstone of this project - a series of self-portraits using lyrics as signifiers on a visual journey.  I make a song selection, dissect the lyrics and build five images to represent a personal interpretation of the song through a visual art construct.  I am not a musician.  I am not a producer of music.  I am not even a DJ.  I have photographed musicians for years - everyone from Will Oldham to Sonic Youth.  But I was interested in investigating a more primal, personal place where music hits.  The place where music opens me up to an emotional investigation and helps define my own idea of myself.  As a visual artist in a world exhausted by visual stimuli, I value this connection music provides and, with this project, take that connection and make it my own; feeling it necessary to wrestle Individualism from the death grip of ubiquitous cultural signs.

Jessica Maria Manley: Born in Hackensack New jersey, Currently a senior studying photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Jessica Manley began the project “Melissa” six years ago while still a high school student. She began working with her younger sister, Melissa, to explore the way media influences the understanding of ‘normal’ in young girls, and how it creates delusional ideals. Over time, the project has become, to some extent, a collaboration between not only Jessica and her camera, but with Melissa and also their mother. Jessica actively seeks out a dark aspect to the images, crossing innocence with a faint gloss of the media influence. Her photos use Melissa as a canvas to show a young girl not just “trying” to be a woman, but in fact easily embodying womanly traits without being overtly sexualized. An effect that, Jessica says, makes many men uncomfortable and that many women relate to almost immediately. Playing dress up, acting the part of the adult, mimicking romantic moments portrayed by leading ladies from movies — doing little things that as we grow add up can to uncertainty, confidence issues, and more.

Christophe Piallat: Bio/Statement: For the last five years my practice has focused on the amalgamation of three dimensional installation and photography. Light is the integral component at the heart of these media and represents the true foundation of my work. Similar to the photographic process, my installations seek to capture light, transform paper, and present a sculptural, as opposed to a pictorial, moment in time. My materials include: recycled, hand-crushed, butcher paper, wood, natural and artificial light sources. The butcher paper is sculpted around the light sources to produce ambiguous and anthropomorphic forms that actively interact within a given space.  Once installed, I begin the process of photographically documenting the details of these installations.  The camera transforms these small areas (sometimes 6”x 9” total) into vast and distant landscapes. The photographic prints from these details are presented as documentation and as separate works. This symbiotic relationship informs each medium and explores the intersection of ephemeral form, illumination, and photography. Recent site works have been exhibited at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the 2010 Holland Paper Biennial in The Netherlands.

Benjamin Lee Sperry is an American artist. His work is highly photographic and conceptual in nature.  He works with a number of substandard antique cameras and an adapted halftone process.  His work utilizes outdated newspaper technology, wet process photography, and silkscreening to create a visual narrative .


Angel by Leslie Lyons The Blue Dress by Jessica Manley Enfolded by Christophe Piallat Enough to Eat by Jada Fabrizio Transformations #127 by Kristin Holcomb Somewhere I'd Like to Be by Benjamin Sperry