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Untitled by Joseph Perrotto, Oil on Canvas


Group Exhibition
June 19 - July 3, 2011

Opening Reception
Thursday, July 23, 6:00-10:00pm

Meet the artists @ opening reception

Dacia Gallery is pleased to present the Artillery Artist’s Group Exhibition: PLEXUS at their first inaugural gallery exhibition. Artillery is a group of artists from all over the world who met in New York City. They share a passion for producing enticing imagery and are adamant in remaining true to their artistic vision. This sense of creative respect for their work has brought the group together as a collective. This exhibition features four different artists using a variety of mediums, ranging from oil painting, to printmaking and graphite. The subject matter is just as diverse, spanning from portraits, to figures and architectural abstractions. Emotionally, the work derives from a past experience, cerebrally distorted, and finally manifested on the surface. With a classical foundation and approach, the artists are able to infuse a provocative, raw atmosphere into their work.

Featured Artists

Jake Blake pulls the viewer into an intimate look at the grotesque in hopes of imparting a sense of normalcy and even beauty upon otherwise unnerving subjects. The hard, antiseptic lighting draws the twisted figures from their textured shadows, which are left alone to pulse with a dreamlike shimmer. Unable to hide in the darkness, the carnal figures of sex and death are propped up with an insistent presence and awkward honesty. Sometimes mundanely macabre, at other times, painfully personal, the subjects are all treated as realities from which we hide or dismiss as abnormal. Yet, the figures demand a sense of respect beyond the obvious intimacy behind their careful rendering. Their grotesqueness is sublimated in their refusal to hide; in their insistence to be front and center not in order to shock, but simply to exist. Jake recently received his BFA from The School of Visual Arts, he lives and works in New York City. For more information visit: www.jakeblakeart.com

Carolyn Jao studied Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, she is originally from Taipei, Taiwan. She is a recipient of the 2011 Student Scholarship sponsored by the Society of Illustrators and has worked at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop since 2008. Her work consists of a variety of techniques including etchings and monotypes. Working primarily in black and white, her aesthetic explores the gritty and atmospheric landscapes. Carolyn also is a multimedia designer and works with stop motion and other video production. For more information visit: www.carolynjao.com

Yuri Leonov is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, he has received his BFA from The School of Visual Arts and currently lives and works in New York City. He often creates series of images, and approaches his projects from a formal standpoint of composing the picture plane in an abstract sense. Surface treatment is a significant element of the process: attention is distributed throughout it on the basis of each square inch. At the core Leonov’s art is triggered by a personal emotional reaction/response, however it often tends to pull from art historical references. Content wise the central theme of his work is the relationship of human beings with their surroundings, and our attempt to manipulate the natural in order to avoid our human limitations. The conceptual content of the images is linked with the formal qualities through the juxtaposition of the tight and precise mark-making and a rather lose and intuitive one. For more information visit: www.yurileonov.com

Joseph Perrotto recently received his BFA in illustration from The School of Visual Arts in NYC and is a recipient for the 2011 Student Scholarship from the Society of Illustrators. He was born and raised in New York where he currently works and lives. He studied under master portrait artist Marvin Mattelson and works primarily in oil. His figurative work seeks to explore narratives evoking human emotions and complex connections. He has exhibited widely in New York including a show exploring Classical Myths at the Visual Arts Gallery. For more information visit: www.josephperrotto.com

Bag, Jake Blake Kafan, Jake Blake Tools, Jake Blake Bowie, Carolyn Jao Upper West, Carolyn Jao Landscape, Carolyn Jao Untitled, Yuri Leonov Untitled, Yuri Leonov St. Petersburg I, Yuri Leonov St. Petersburg II, Yuri Leonov St. Petersburg III, Yuri Leonov JK, Joseph Perrotto Fetus,  Joseph Perrotto Untitled,  Joseph Perrotto