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Nur, Abraham Sherief, Oil on Canvas, 36x40

Emerging Colors

Group Exhibition
  December 16 - January 23, 2011

Opening Reception
Thursday, December 16, 6:00-10:00pm

Meet the artists @ opening reception

Dacia Gallery is pleased to present “Emerging Colors” a Group Exhibition of artists on a national platform. Join us in our exhilarating display of upbeat artwork to brighten your holiday spirits. The year-end exhibition presents a powerful array of realist paintings by Abraham Sherief that are full of emotion and symbolism, amorous photographs by Daniel Murtagh and a sensual angelic sculpture by Timothy Brown that will leave you breathless in the gallery window. Take a close look at the meticulously precise still life paintings of Fabiana Glazer and Heather McCaw, and discover the skyline of Manhattan in the renaissance inspired drawings by Lee Vasu. Experience the power of pure color in Marco Beria and Jane Hugentober’s large abstract works, and contemplate endless reflections in the hyper realist paintings of David Wendel and Tom Legaspi. Come celebrate a talented group of artists and join the artistic festivity this holiday season at Dacia Gallery.

Featured Artists

Marco Beria is a graduate of the National School of Theater of Venezuela. He has performed as an actor with several Venezuelan theater groups. In the United States he obtained a B.A. in Film Production from Hunter College and thereafter worked as a producer for The Children's Television Workshop. For the past ten years, Marco has concentrated primarily in the development and instruction of theater, video and visual arts programs for both non-profit organizations and public schools. In this area, his most recent work was a program developer for NYU's Metro Center for Urban Education in Theater Arts and as a consultant in the Education Department of The New Jersey Performing Arts Center. His professional painting career also started simultaneously with his theater career. Marco has had a number of group and individual exhibitions in New York City, New Jersey and Madrid. His work can be found in numerous national and international collections.

Timothy Brown is a sculptor whose works are inspired by the beauty and poetry of the human figure. His subject matter is based on performing artists such as jesters, dancers and musicians often balancing, juggling and or playing musical instruments. Timothy strives to embody his subjects with energy and the joy of life, not only through movement and gestures, but through the technique of sculpting the figure so that it has both interior and exterior forms which create a vessel for light, air and abstraction. Timothy earned his BFA degree from Columbus College of Art and Design, and has exhibited nationally in several states.

Fabiana Glazer is a painter and printmaker who lived and studied in Italy for eleven years, and has recently returned to the United States. In addition to studying at various prestigious art schools such as RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and SUNY Purchase, she has also completed her BA and MFA at Accademia Di Belle Arti di Roma. Fabiana has taught as an Assistant Screenprinting Professor at Accademia and as a Drawing Professor at John Cabot University. She has exhibited at various alternative spaces around Rome, including “La Torre” and the food market at Piazza Vittorio. She is currently exhibiting with Black Cloud Gallery in Chicago. Her oil paintings are done upon canvas supports Fabiana creates herself made of burlap and wood. The paintings are still lives depicting fruits and vegetables placed upon patterned fabric. Although the technique and subject are traditional, Fabiana’s paintings possess a unique and modern approach to still life by invoking “slow food” and regional produce concepts as well as modern pattern aesthetics. Her prints, both etchings and silkscreens, are similar in subject matter and style, although she examines the culture of coffee and candy. Fabiana continues to paint and print in Chicago.

Jane Hugentober is an American abstract / figurative painter. Jane graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and studied Fine Arts Painting at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Indiana, Jane now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Jane’s work can be seen in numerous galleries on the east coast, including New York City.

Thomas Legaspi is a representational painter, his work centers on portraiture, figure painting and landscapes. This New York City artist has studied academic classical training from The New York Academy of Art in 2001. The artist has exhibited in various shows and galleries in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Kentucky, and the State Museum of Kazakhstan. Currently, he also teaches art as an adjunct assistant professor at St. John's University, New York and at The Educational Alliance Art School.

Heather McCaw is a realist artist living and working in Washington DC. She studied art at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Ohio - her home state - before focusing her studies on the Middle East and Arabic. After receiving a degree in literature from The Ohio State University, she moved to Beirut, Lebanon to pursue a graduate degree in the social sciences. She found her way to Washington DC, where she now makes her living as a researcher and she resumed art classes at the Corcoran College of Art and Design. McCaw explains the process and inspiration for her recent work that she is: “simultaneously striving for extreme complexity while maintaining unity and harmony. I do this by arranging highly reflective, colorful images and then working to bring all the fine details together. The reflection and scattering of light often take center stage in my works. I tend to paint quickly, despite my love of detail, so my paintings have active surfaces and a fluid quality that heightens the glossiness of the objects and the feeling of movement. The bright colors I use contribute to this overall effect."

Daniel Murtagh has been a portrait photographer since 1995. Upon graduating from Pratt Institute he moved to New Mexico and later to San Francisco, where he spent six years defining a style of work that continues to evolve. In 2000, he returned to New York. He has shot for magazines such as Soma, San Francisco, Health, Splash, and Hippocrates. His work has also appeared in Men's Health, Elle, Shots, and American Photographer, as well as on over 30 book covers. Photo Icon magazine's first issue ran a feature story about his work. He has made six short films, one of which, "The Last Judgement," was shown at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2009. Daniel is working on his first book of photographs, "Mirror."

Abraham Sherief studied painting and drawing at Rutgers University/Mason Gross School and received his MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2004. He has since exhibited at various galleries in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia. He currently resides and works in Philadelphia, PA. His present body of work originated while living in New York City during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. As a young professional working in the financial district, he witnessed firsthand the catastrophe that ensued when the airplanes hit the World Trade Center. Sherief says that: “I am an Arab and an American. Although I identify myself as a Muslim, my moderate beliefs fall well short of orthodox practice. Together, these factors have provided me the perfect vantage point to examine the identity struggles of first and second-generation Muslim immigrants who strive to assimilate in American Culture. While all of my subjects find it difficult to reconcile the cultural differences, the dissonance is more deeply explored by pushing the boundaries of Western figurative painting and Islamic design into one composition. By the manipulation of color, line, and geometric form, I attempt to blur the distinction between what was traditionally viewed as two different schools of art and force the viewer to re-conceptualize the differences between the two cultures.”

David Wendel studied at the University of Georgia Graphics School and worked at a graphic design department of a large company in Atlanta. He started painting seriously in 1980, joining local art groups and showing his work in various galleries and events. He has found success in the photo-realists depiction of the automobiles he grew up with in the 1950's. David’s work took him all over the country to many automobile events and galleries, with several one-man shows. With over thirty years in the creative field, his artistic journey has been one of a hyper realist pursuit to one of a painterly impressionist, applying paint media with a sculpture like application, forming it's own world of suggested shadow and form. The nature of light fascinates and fills his work, particularly reflected light that gives his paintings life and an edge in his pursuit of hyper realism.

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