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Rachel Burgess
Rachel Burgess’ work explores loss and gain through depictions of familiar landscapes.  She is interested in the way in which the ache of nostalgia is balanced by its ability to reveal patterns in our lives, providing continuity in a world where visual information is often overwhelming.  In order to uncover such patterns, she abstract her subjects.  Silhouettes take precedence over interior details, compositions narrow to a single focus, and color is simplified or eliminated.  In recent works, she depict single images across several sheets of paper, conveying the fragmentation of our memories.  The viewer visually connects the fragments into a whole, mimicking the practice of gaining clarity through nostalgia.
Rachel's prints have been recognized by publications such as CMYK Magazine, 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration, the Society of Illustrators, and the New York Society of Etchers. She has shown at various galleries throughout New York, Boston and Israel before joining Dacia in 2010.  Her shows at Dacia include: The Black&White Holiday Show, Dacia’s Anniversary Show, Hyperboreans, Unabashed, The Modern Landscape and Premonition.
For more information regarding Rachel's work, please contact us at 917.727.9383 or at info@daciagallery.com All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced.
Inlet II, Monotype, 19x14 (25x20 framed)
On the Cliffs II, Monotype, 19x14 (25x20 framed)
The Meadow, Monotype, 4x2.75 (8x6 framed)
The Island, Monotype, 14x25 (20x31 framed)
The Farm, Monotype, 4x2.75 (8x6 framed)
Afternoon, Monotype, 4x2.75 (8x6 framed)
Storm Over Marsh, Monotype, 10x7
Kittery Marsh, Monotype, 10x7
Lake Island, Monotype, 10x7
The Beach, Monotype, 4x2.75 (8x6 framed)
Twins, Monotype, 19x14 (25x20 framed)
White Birches, Monotype, 36x24 (30x40 framed)