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Max Ginsburg is a realist painter who lives and paints in New York City. He has exhibited extensively. Max has had a retrospective at The Butler Institute of American Art (Sept. 15 - Nov. 13, 2011) and at The Salmagundi Club, Summer of 2011. He has won many awards, most recently the "Best in Show" in the Art Renewal Center online competition of 2011 for his War Pieta painting.  Several of his paintings toured five museums in China with the World Art Museum and ACOPAL in 2012 - 2013. From 1980 - 2004 he was one of America's foremost illustrators and for over forty years he taught art at The Art Students League, The School of Visual Art and the High School of Art and Design. Ginsburg recently published a coffee table art book of his paintings (1956 - 2010), "Max Ginsburg - Retrospective", available online at www.ginsburgretro.com. He has also recently completed a DVD which includes a three hour Painting from Life demo, an interview with Peter Trippi, about his exhibition at The Butler Institute and more. Max Ginsburg is represented by Dacia Gallery in New York City.
To Purchase Artwork: Please contact the gallery at 917-727-9383 or e-mail the gallery at info@daciagallery.com. Please let us know the Artists Name & Title of the Work that you would like to add to your collection. Or save an image of the artwork and e-mail it to us. Please include your name and phone number in the email. Thank you.
Delivery or Pickup: We can ship the artwork to anywhere in the world or you may pick it up at Dacia Gallery if you live in NYC.
Payment: Cash, Check or Credit Card Accepted.
Foreclosure by Max Ginsburg, 40x 65, Oil on Linen, $100,000
War Pieta by Max Ginsburg, 50x60, Oil on Linen, $100,000
Bus Stop by Max Ginsburg, 50x70, Oil on Linen, $100,000
In The Park by Max Ginsburg, 30x36, Oil on Linen, $35,000
Mourning 911 by Max Ginsburg, 36x54, Oil on Linen, $75,000
Cross Roads by Max Ginsburg, 26X40, Oil on Linen, $40,000
Basketball by Max Ginsburg, Oil on Canvas, 41x44, $45,000
Protest March by Max Ginsburg, Oil on Canvas, 20x16, $25,000
Glance by Max Ginsburg, 8X10, Oil on Panel, $1,800
Nude Study by Max Ginsburg, 11x15.5, Oil on Panel, $2,500
Girl With Earing by Max Ginsburg, 8X10, Oil on Panel, $2,500
Figure Study on Chair by Max Ginsburg, 12x16, Oil on Panel, $3,500
Fabiana by Max Ginsburg, 12x11, Oil on Panel, $5,000