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Dana & Ruth Kleinman

Dana and Ruth Kleinman, collaborative artists and sisters, combine 3D metal construction and oil on canvas to create multiple paneled wall sculptures that varies in depth off the wall. From a distance the work looks sleek and high contrast with hyper-pigmented paintings showing through cutouts in shiny metallic surfaces, yet up close the viewer is struck by hand sanded intricate patterns softening the metal and textural multilayered paintings. In addition to the large-scale aluminum work, this exhibition also highlights two smaller series of works.  Seemingly opposite of the large scale works, the silver pieces explore extreme intimate space.  Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, yet strong enough in presence to hold a large wall. The preciousness of each piece is furthered by the fact that the metal used is 100% sterling silver.  The new two-dimensional series, “Contingence” in aluminum and oil on wood functions as a lighthearted departure from the three dimensional works.  These small panels are painted in a spectrum of bright colors and are meant to be rearranged and grouped in any number of orientations. Often working in diptych format, with two different mediums and two individual artists, the work certainly references any number of binaries, yet talks more about connection than duality. Pattern, color, and mathematical constructs tie the panels together to function as a whole.  Intersecting lines may be specific cross products in geometry, yet also represent the two sisters with paths crossing, or on a different level, how any seemingly separate entity can come together in space and time.

The Kleinman sisters not only cross boundaries in medium, but also in space as they live and work out of New Mexico (Dana) and Florida (Ruth). Dana received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University and MFA in Painting from University of New Mexico while Ruth received a BA in Metal at University of Wisconsin. Both were practicing artists separately before the collaboration began in 2006. The sisters quickly caught recognition with an invitation to represent the United States at the Beijing Biennale in 2008 running in conjunction with the Summer Olympics. Shortly after they were included in “Gen Next IV” in Kolkata, India highlighting up-and-coming young artists from around the world.  In addition the Kleinman sisters have exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries and museums around the United States. The Kleinman's last solo exhibition, 'Vanishing Point', may be seen here.

For more information regarding their work, please contact us at 917.727.9383 or at info@daciagallery.com All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced.

Lifeline, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 4 Panels, 60x92x4
Ray, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 2 Panels, 60x12x4 Each
Vector A1A2, Aluminum and Oil on canvas, 2 Panels, 30x90x5
Vector, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 5 Panels, 40x220x6
In Variant, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 3 Panels, 12x12x3 Each
In Finite, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas,  2 Panels, 30x30x4 Each
Infinity, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 2 Panels, 20x20x4 Each
Cross Product, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 6 Panels, 12x12x3 Each
11, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 2 Panels, 60x10X4 Each
Ellipse, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 2 Panels 12x12x3 Each
Conic Section, Aluminum and Oil on Canvas, 2 Panels, 12x12x3 Each
Dana and Ruth Kleinman