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Christina Massey
Christina Massey's works depict the unharmed truth about the economic recession, bank bailouts and the emotional strains placed upon innocent families in the wake of its aftermath.  Her works are physical fragments of the new and old, success and failure.  They are also bits and pieces of her own past and present, likes and dislikes. Through donated business attire from banks and corporate employees, Christina re-purposed this fabric and hand stitched it together with sections of her own failed works on canvas. The results are organic, quilt-like surfaces made from painted canvas where the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious influence of the khakis, collared shirts and nylons lay within the composition as reminders of the ever present influence of money on the creation and promotion of art. Her works are in numerous public and private collections, of which her most recent works were exhibited as part of her first solo exhibition titled, Salva Veritate and as part of the Times Square Art Show.
For more information regarding Christina's work, please contact us at 917.727.9383 or at info@daciagallery.com All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced.
Business & Pleasure XII, Oil, Mixed Media, 38x38
Interwoven X, Oil, Mixed Media, 28x28
Interwoven III, Oil, Mixed Media, 24x24
Interwoven I, Oil, Mixed Media, 24x24
Interwoven IV, Oil, Mixed Media, 24x24
Interwoven II, Oil, Mixed Media, 24x24
Business & Pleasure XXIV, Oil, Mixed Media, 14x14
Business & Pleasure VII, Oil, Mixed Media, 38x38